Events:Dinner with Prince Boncompagni Ludovisi

Thursday, December 7

7:00 pm

Fiorano estate vertical Tasting featuring 3 wines from the 1980's

wines arriving directly from the Prince's cellar

$195 per person

Events:Lambrusco tasting with Alicia Lini


Tuesday, November 28

6:30 pM

light bites



News: Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants

Number 10 : Rossoblu

Have you tasted Rossoblu’s minestra nel sacco? It’s a homey dish, basically dumplings boiled in chicken soup. There is a reason tortellini in brodo is a better-known dish. Yet at Rossoblu downtown, the dish is positively exotic — Bolognese grandmother cooking introduced into a city with no Bolognese grandmothers.

By Jonathan Gold

Events:Pertinace Barbaresco Vertical Tasting & Wine Dinner

Wednesday, October 18th 7 - 10P

7 wines paired with 5 courses

$350 PER  PERSON  

In the 1990s, as American fine wine lovers started expanding their interests beyond France and California, Barolo and Barbaresco from Piedmont quickly became a new focus, with top collectors snatching up as many bottles as they could.

Today, few stones remain unturned in these now hallowed appellations, save for a few unsung heroes and hidden gems, like cooperative winemaker Pertinace (named after the village in Barbaresco township where the cellar is located). The name may still be unfamiliar to many italophile collectors in Los Angeles. But that will all change when we are joined by winemaker Cesare Barbero for an exclusive vertical tasting of his wines.
This is a not-to-miss opportunity to interact with Cesare on one of his rare visits to California.
Wine Directors, Jeremy Parzen and Christine Veys, will be hosting this dinner.

Pertinace Barbaresco (classic) 2013

Pertinace Barbaresco (classic) 1998

Pertinace Barbaresco (classic) 1996

Pertinace Barbaresco Nervo 2012

Pertinace Barbaresco Nervo 1998

Pertinace Barbaresco Nervo 1996

Pertinace Barbaresco Marcarini 2012

News: Infatuation LA Review 


Rossoblu is the rare complete package of a restaurant. It doesn’t matter who you’re with or why you’re there or what you feel like overeating tonight, this place will give you the kind of meal you need. And yeah, your mom’s going to love the lighting too.

By Brant Cox


Events: Franciacorta tasting

Tuesday, September 5th

4 Wines Paired with Light Bites


Franciacorta is Italy's sexiest new entry in the world of fine wine: classic method sparkling Chardonnay, made the same way Champagne is made but with the freshness, food-friendliness, and richness of fruit flavor that only the Italian Alps can deliver. When they first started making these sparkling expressions of Chardonnay in the Lake District in the 1960s, no one could have imagined how popular they would become among the fashion elite in nearby Milan and then on the Michelin-starred circuit of Italy's top restaurants. On Tuesday, September 5, RB's wine directors will be pouring 4 wines, paired with Chef Steve's carefully selected light bites, and discussing the nuances of these extraordinary wines, including a wine from the SoloUva project (Just Grapes), a label produced without the standard addition of cane sugar. 

News:Los Angeles Magazine 

What Makes the Bolognese Sauce at Rossoblu So Good?

Turns out you may want to rethink your idea of Bolognese sauce. That’s what I find myself doing, anyway, soon after joining Steve Samson in the kitchen of downtown’s Rossoblu to make a batch.

By Patric Kuh

Events:Ferragosto Lambrusco tasting 

The most extensive lambrusco offering in california


Rossoblu's Lambrusco offering includes over 10 on the wine list and at least 3 by-the-glass each night. 

According to Parzen, the key to understanding the Lambrusco paradox — the world's most noble food served canonically with its most humble wine — is wrapping your mind around the fact that Lambrusco is wine but it's not fine wine. It's not meant to be nuanced or structured. It's not intended to be enjoyed for any refined nature. With its broad, bold strokes of aroma and flavor, it is meant to express the expansive joy and happiness that the Emilians — arguably the world's most sensual people — feel every day when they awake surrounded by their ham and cheese.


Rossoblu may make you wish you knew a Bolognese grandmother

Have you tasted the minestra nel sacco at Rossoblu, more or less a bowl of chicken soup with dumplings cooked in a cloth bag? It’s a pretty common dish in the area around Bologna, and you’ll find lots of recipes for it in Italian cooking magazines...