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Dinner with the Prince and his Wines

The Boncompagni Ludovisi family was among the first in Italy to practice organic grape farming and spontaneous fermentation in the years of Italy's reconstruction after the second world war. They were pioneers of what later would be called "natural winemaking," even though the now popular term didn't exist at the time. The family's legacy as one of the greatest producers of Cabernet Sauvignon from central Italy would have gone uninterrupted had one of the daughters not married an Antinori — a scion of the famous Tuscan winemaking family, known for its modernist approach to wine production. At the time Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi swore that he would never let an Antinori farm his vineyards. And so he destroyed them. Today, his nephew, Prince Alessandrojacopo has revived the winery and the vineyards. And he's made a few precious bottles from his uncle's cellar available to us. Join us Dec. 7 for a tasting of wines back to the 1980s including the legendary 1988 vintage.