HOW TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT AT THE alma backyard farms dinner

1) Please select the RED reservation button labeled "6:30PM ALMA DINNER" in the "DINNER" section

2) Once the button is selected, you'll find important information for this event 

3) Select the "+" symbol towards the bottom of the page if you would like to add on a complimentary beverage pairing add on

3) Reserve your tickets by selecting the "Reserve Now" button at the very bottom and confirm by selecting the red "Confirm" button

4) Enter your telephone number and select "Continue" 

5) Verify your account by inputting your email address and select "Continue" 

6) Add in your credit card information and select "Add Card" 

7) You will see a confirmation screen with a green check mark and a confirmation email. If you do not see either of these steps please email us at
EVENTS@ROSSOBLULA.COM and we will confirm the reservation for you.