Rossoblu's Lambrusco offering includes over 10 on the wine list and at least 3 by-the-glass each night. It currently has the most extensive list in California, and will continue to grow to eventually showcase the most compelling list in the States. 


According to Parzen, the key to understanding the Lambrusco paradox — the world's most noble food served canonically with its most humble wine — is wrapping your mind around the fact that Lambrusco is wine but it's not fine wine. It's not meant to be nuanced or structured. It's not intended to be enjoyed for any refined nature. With its broad, bold strokes of aroma and flavor, it is meant to express the expansive joy and happiness that the Emilians — arguably the world's most sensual people — feel every day when they awake surrounded by their ham and cheese.


Ferragosto [FEHR-rah-GOH-stoh] is an Italian summer festival that dates back to Roman times, when the emperor decreed that citizens should take time off to party (no joke) and relax before harvest began. In modern-day Italy, the holiday is observed on August 15 and it marks the beginning of vacation season when nearly every Italian takes time off from work. What better way to celebrate the Ferragosto season than with a Lambrusco party in our newly opened Lambrusco garden!