RB Lini Postcard-01.png

On Tuesday, November 28, one of our favorite Lambrusco producers joins us for a guided tasting of her wines: Alicia Lini, who has been hailed by the Italian and American wine media as the voice of the new artisanal Lambrusco movement. Her family makes traditional-style Lambrusco in Reggio Emilia province (the Reggiano in Parmigiano Reggiano), including the classic Lambrusco Salamino for their dark richer style Lambrusco and Lambrusco Sorbara for their lighter style of Lambrusco. From their winemaking to their packaging, you won't find any fancy tricks up the Lini family's sleeves. It's all about wholesome growing practices and honest winemaking. And Alicia's bubbly personality makes her an ideal ambassador, not just for her family's winery but for the joyous Emilian lifestyle and its embrace of family and great food and wines.