authentic ITALIAN CuIsine

bologna INSPIRED
los angeles made

an ode to family, tradition
and craftsmanship


“I want Rossoblu to tell my story, and my story is just as much about Los Angeles as it is about summers with my grandparents in bologna, italy.”


Rossoblu tells the story of the two places chef Steve Samson considers home: Los Angeles and Bologna. This is an homage to Samson’s heritage, inspired by childhood memories of summers spent in Bologna and its surrounding region, Emilia Romagna. The menu features handmade pastas, market fresh produce, and an extensive in-house butchery and salumi program. The wine list focuses on unique Italian and Californian varietals, with a sharp focus on Emilia Romagna’s famed Lambrusco. A true family owned and operated restaurant, Rossoblu is managed by Steve's wife, Dina, and their management team whom they have worked with over the last 10+ years.

Located in downtown’s City Market South, the site of Los Angeles’s original wholesale farmer’s market, Rossoblu’s open kitchen, marbled serpentine bar, and starry-lit vaulted dining room create a convivial dining environment. The outdoor piazza allows al fresco diners to feel far removed from the nearby city bustle. An intimate downstairs wine cellar offers a glimpse into the chef's pasta workshop and butcher box. The cellar is also available for private dining.

We welcome you to join our family table at Rossoblu.



1124 San Julian St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015


SUN - THURS:  5:30 PM — 10 PM 
FRI / SAT:  5:30 PM — 10:30 PM        

OMBRA HAPPY HOUR 5 PM — 7 PM    (at our bar and garden only)


News: Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants

Number 10 : Rossoblu

Have you tasted Rossoblu’s minestra nel sacco? It’s a homey dish, basically dumplings boiled in chicken soup. There is a reason tortellini in brodo is a better-known dish. Yet at Rossoblu downtown, the dish is positively exotic — Bolognese grandmother cooking introduced into a city with no Bolognese grandmothers.

By Jonathan Gold

News: Infatuation LA Review 


Rossoblu is the rare complete package of a restaurant. It doesn’t matter who you’re with or why you’re there or what you feel like overeating tonight, this place will give you the kind of meal you need. And yeah, your mom’s going to love the lighting too.

By Brant Cox


News:Los Angeles Magazine 

What Makes the Bolognese Sauce at Rossoblu So Good?

Turns out you may want to rethink your idea of Bolognese sauce. That’s what I find myself doing, anyway, soon after joining Steve Samson in the kitchen of downtown’s Rossoblu to make a batch.

By Patric Kuh


Rossoblu may make you wish you knew a Bolognese grandmother

Have you tasted the minestra nel sacco at Rossoblu, more or less a bowl of chicken soup with dumplings cooked in a cloth bag? It’s a pretty common dish in the area around Bologna, and you’ll find lots of recipes for it in Italian cooking magazines...